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    Infusion Treatment

    When you are fighting an illness that will not respond to oral medications, intravenous medicine or medication delivered directly to the bloodstream through a vein might be suggested. Antibiotics, antiviral medications and anti fungal medications can all be administered via infusion, along with pain management medicines and hydration if necessary.

    If your provider prescribes infusion therapy as part of your treatment, you will receive needed infusions in the comfortable infusion suite at Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center or Novant Health Huntersville Medical Center

    Both facilities provide treatments on an outpatient basis so you can get the therapy you need close to home and then go home when your therapy is complete. Infusions are overseen by your provider as well as a hospital staff with years of experience in infusion therapy.

    If infusion is part of your treatment plan, you will be given detailed information about where to go for your treatment and what to expect during your infusion.